Monument to COVID-19 inaugurated in Maputo

The project promoted by the Carlos Morgado Foundation and inaugurated by the Mayor, Eneas Comiche, was financed by the Irish Embassy and Gigawatt.

“In February 2019 the world changed. Humanity is attacked by a cowardly virus, which has taken almost everything from us. The freedom to give a hug to a friend, to kiss our mother, our grandmother or not being able to go to a theater, to a beach or just to shake hands.

All those who are illustrated and who left us physically, victims of this diabolical virus, represent a piece of each of us, represent the best of us and at the same time the worst of COVID-19, which attacked us our base of love, of the conviviality of our sport and culture and robbed us of much of the knowledge of our society.

Everyone here and many others who left us during this period will never be forgotten and will forever be remembered as heroes to all of us.” wrote the monument's promoters.

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