Gigawatt MTB Series

Gigawatt MTB Series 2016 has ended. This is the first MTB event in Mozambique (Mountain Bike) and was sponsored by Gigawatt.

There were 3 races, in 3 separate locations in the south of Mozambique which culminated in the village of Ressano Garcia:

I – Mulotane [July 10]

Attended by more than 100 athletes to compete in two tracks-35 km and 50 km., in addition to the Mozambicans, athletes from South Africa and Swaziland participated in the race.

II – Pequenos Libombos [August 28]

About 180 of athletes, this time in three tracks -15 km, 35 km and 50 km including Junior Ride organized children's race. “Casa do Gaiato” celebrated its 25 years of existence in the event.

III – Ressano Garcia [October 30]

Attended by more than 100 athletes to compete in three tracks-15 km, 35 km and 50 km. At the end of the race bikes were delivered to nurses and teachers of Ressano Garcia.

These numbers sum up the Gigawatt MTB Series - the first, but certainly not the last, initiative in Mozambique. For more information, visit: www.gigawattmtbseries.com

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