Project Description

The Project entails the development, design, construction, financing and operations of a 100MW gas fired power station in Ressano Garcia, Mozambique.

The Total Project Cost was of circa USD 200 Million. The Project revenue is ensured by a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with EDM, with the possibility to supply to other Utilities and/or major industrial users within the Southern African grid in the future. The gas supplied for the Project is secured through a 20 year Gas Supply Agreement (GSA) with MGC, underpinned by another 20 year GSA between Sasol and MGC.

Project Key Features

  1. Thirteen Rolls-Royce Bergen B35:40-V20AG2 natural gas fired spark ignition reciprocating engines (each with an output of approximatelly 9.2 MW) thus equating to an overall station installed capacity of approximately 120 MW (noting that only 100 MW is required to meet the requirements of the PPA).
  2. Previous extension of the existing Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) 275 kV substation in Ressano Garcia to facilitate the connection of the Gigawatt project to the national grid.
  3. Natural Gas High Pressure Customer Metering Station (HPCMS) adjacent to the project site to facilitate the delivery of gas at the power station fence. The HPCMS was procured outside of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC), however, with responsibility for the provision of certain civil works (including foundations) associated with the HPCMS falling under the same contract.
  4. Water for operations is provided through three borehole supplemented by trucked water as and when required.

Artistic render of the power station
Rolls-Royce Bergen B35:40-V20AG2

Our partners

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