Organizational Culture

Gigawatt's organizational culture is a system composed of values/principles, norms, purpose and beliefs. And this whole set of values must be continuously observed, analyzed and interpreted.


  1. Manage efficiently generating prosperity for all
  2. Without producing value and without producing efficiently, we will not be able to sustainably generate value for the entire ecosystem to benefit.

    We must produce with the aim of generating benefits for everyone, including employees, investors (shareholders), the State and the community.

    We are determined to ensure that all employees can enjoy a prosperous life and full personal and professional fulfillment, and that this social progress takes place in harmony with the interests of the company and the community/society in which we operate.

  3. Manage safely while respecting the environment
  4. No result is more important than people's lives and the environment in which we operate.

    We must therefore work promoting individual and collective security, safeguarding the environment.

  5. Comply with house rules in a professional manner
  6. All houses have rules that must be followed by everyone without exception. Thus, in the performance of their tasks, everyone must, in a professional manner, strictly follow the stipulated rules.

  7. Ensuring openness to innovative ideas and initiatives aligned with the organization's principles
  8. Nobody knows everything, so we believe that a team always achieves better results than an individual, especially when innovative ideas are developed to solve our organization's challenges.

    Employees must be free to contribute innovative ideas, as long as they are in line with our principles.

  9. Promoting transparency and truth
  10. All processes must always be guided by transparency and truth. Whether the subject is positive or negative, it must always be presented and discussed in a frontal and truthful way, without ulterior motives and in the spirit that the collective is always more important than the individual.

  11. That everyone is treated and respected equally
  12. Dealing with employees, regardless of hierarchical level, must be respectful, cordial, simple and equitable, creating a diverse and inclusive environment in which there is space for all people to be heard and their ideas valued.

    Treating all employees equally is one of the essential foundations for building a prosperous and sustainable community.

  13. Simplicity
  14. We focus on what adds value. As a result, we are more agile and gain in efficiency and productivity. Even complex issues must be dealt with simply and objectively.

  15. Autonomy to decide
  16. We take responsibility for making the best decisions for the business.

    Within the scope of each function, each employee must be free to decide and assume responsibility for their decisions, and must know the limits of their scope.

  17. Adopt the learn, unlearn and relearn cycle
  18. We live in a world in constant change, and we believe that in order to constantly evolve, it is essential to adapt to new scenarios, innovating and learning better ways of working and producing.

    The process of continuous learning implies that sometimes it is necessary to unlearn in order to later relearn.

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